Monday, 5 January 2009

Lets Get Physical!

It's that time of year again folks. Personally I'm 10% greater than I was last year - it's this extra stone that's settled on my waist over the festive season. Time to hit the gym, membership renewed and trainers dusted down; I'll be watching Rocky tonight for inspiration and in the gym for half seven busting a gut for five minutes of gentle running machine action.
So with some great deals on offer at Drifters our Hotel gym why not join me. If you join up in by the 15th you can get a full year for £299. Whats more you get the use of the indoor (refurbished) and the outdoor pool , tennis, squash, spa, sauna, gym induction and 10 free rounds of golf! Or if you just want a taster to check your commitment you can get a credit crunch busting two month deal for £55 or pay monthly for just £35.
Call now 01736 795254 option 3 and ask for Luke; it's time to shape up!

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