Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Lighthouse and a Rainbow

Right. Emboldened by the heady success of the first post tregennablogger is going to leave the baby steps behind and bring you words and images! Imagine.

These photos were taken on the walk to work this morning - about ten past nine or if the boss is reading half eight. They were taken on the camera phone so apologies to St Ives if they don't do the great Cornish coastline justice. The first was to try and capture Godreavy lighthouse viewed from the Tregenna Estate. If the 3.2 megapixel camera didn't cut the mustard; you might have to take tregennabloggers word for it. Probally not for the last time.

The second shot was perhaps in retrospect impossibly ambitious. It was an attempt to capture the beautiful rainbow splashing into St Ives bay.
Still if these don't quite do the views justice hope has been on hand this week with professional photgrapher Paul Cordwell on site taking some terrific pictures. We hope to post some next week as a sneak preview before they make the main site. For now a big thanks goes out to all the press ganged members of staff who have doubled as models for the past few days, thank you all.

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