Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Tregenna Castle Hotel Blog.

This is the first ever post on the brand new Tregenna blog. I wonder how many blogs start with a variation of that sentence? Oh well; that's an opportunity lost.

This blog is intended to be a light hearted and informative almost daily possibly weekly diary of the happenings and goings on at Tregenna Castle; a Hotel and Estate in beautiful St Ives Cornwall. Working in Hotels is never dull and we hope to keep the world informed of all of the fun that goes on behind the scenes. More than that we will post up the events we have planned and all the other items of interest such as new menus, changes in the team and new initiatives to keep the gulls out of the bedrooms.

So if I can prove to the powers that be that I can do this without creating libel cases for the future hopefully we will gain promotion and a link to the main website. In the mean time the Tregenna blogger will try to keep anyone out there who is interested in Hotels, Cornwall or St Ives entertained and informed. Cheerio for now.

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