Saturday, 20 December 2008

Busy phones!

The back office have had a busy few days thanks to a successful Travel Zoo promotion went out on Wednesday. A very special offer of £99 for two nights B&B for two people January through to March has kept the phones red hot. Indeed the credit card machine has been pushed to the limit taking deposits and on Thursday it was rumoured that Neal the accountant had been seen smiling.

The reception and reservations team deserve a big pat on the back making sure no calls were lost and those who have some time off this Christmas will deserve the chance to put their feet up.

Friday, 19 December 2008

The pool is open and the weather is... mild!

A couple more photos for you to have a look at.
The first shows our indoor pool which happily is open again after a refurbishment. As you can see it's looking good and I'm assured that the water is lovely and warm now after taking a few days to get to temperature. Thanks to Ash the all action gym assistant for volunteering to be our model; to be honest when we had the photographer in it became quite clear that Ash liked having his photo taken!
The second picture is of one of the self catering lodges we have on site. Looks good; but I've actually posted it to show you how nice the weather is in Cornwall at the moment.

Monday, 15 December 2008

Well done everybody!

Phew... What a weekend! Tregenna Castle is clean and tidy today and bears no relation to the bustling party venue it became this weekend when the Hotel was at its busiest for the year.

With three hundred party guests for two consecutive nights the kitchen team and service worked flat out. Well done to everyone involved in making the weekend a fabulous success. Having spoke to the Director of Operations at Tregenna this morning I take great pleasure in passing on just how impressed he was with everybody for pulling together, working professionally and going the extra mile in ensuring that our guests were given top level hospitality.

It's really not possible to say well done enough - well done everybody!

Friday, 12 December 2008

Christmas at the Castle

Nearly halfway through December and in spite of the mild weather it is clear that Christmas is upon us. At this time of the year the Festive parties are well under way and the great and good of Cornwall come to the Castle to eat drink and be merry. Tonight and tomorrow night there will be 300 happy revelers and the celebrations will be in full swing.

There are still some great opportunities to get to Tregenna so take a look if you fancy going Cornish to celebrate the holiday season! New year in St Ives is a terrific event and many have turned a one off experience into a yearly pilgrimage. Whilst there is no official events a fancy dress theme always prevails on the harbour and there will be bon-fires on the beaches and fireworks in the sky; great fun and open to all.

Wednesday, 10 December 2008

A Lighthouse and a Rainbow

Right. Emboldened by the heady success of the first post tregennablogger is going to leave the baby steps behind and bring you words and images! Imagine.

These photos were taken on the walk to work this morning - about ten past nine or if the boss is reading half eight. They were taken on the camera phone so apologies to St Ives if they don't do the great Cornish coastline justice. The first was to try and capture Godreavy lighthouse viewed from the Tregenna Estate. If the 3.2 megapixel camera didn't cut the mustard; you might have to take tregennabloggers word for it. Probally not for the last time.

The second shot was perhaps in retrospect impossibly ambitious. It was an attempt to capture the beautiful rainbow splashing into St Ives bay.
Still if these don't quite do the views justice hope has been on hand this week with professional photgrapher Paul Cordwell on site taking some terrific pictures. We hope to post some next week as a sneak preview before they make the main site. For now a big thanks goes out to all the press ganged members of staff who have doubled as models for the past few days, thank you all.

Tuesday, 9 December 2008

The Tregenna Castle Hotel Blog.

This is the first ever post on the brand new Tregenna blog. I wonder how many blogs start with a variation of that sentence? Oh well; that's an opportunity lost.

This blog is intended to be a light hearted and informative almost daily possibly weekly diary of the happenings and goings on at Tregenna Castle; a Hotel and Estate in beautiful St Ives Cornwall. Working in Hotels is never dull and we hope to keep the world informed of all of the fun that goes on behind the scenes. More than that we will post up the events we have planned and all the other items of interest such as new menus, changes in the team and new initiatives to keep the gulls out of the bedrooms.

So if I can prove to the powers that be that I can do this without creating libel cases for the future hopefully we will gain promotion and a link to the main website. In the mean time the Tregenna blogger will try to keep anyone out there who is interested in Hotels, Cornwall or St Ives entertained and informed. Cheerio for now.